The Nosh Bus | Hogfish Bar & Grill – Stock Island, FL Keys
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Hogfish Bar & Grill – Stock Island, FL Keys


Located on Stock Island (that’s just one East of Key West) right down the road from Boyd’s is “A Great Place If You Can Find It” is what the menu states.


This place is a real gem, that unless you know where you’re going you won’t just stubble upon it. They claim to have the “charm” of what the lower keys used to be before the nightlife and carnival atmosphere took over.


The divey, open-air, restaurant specializes in their namesake “Hogfish”. Hogfish is a tropical fish with an elongated hog-like snout, abundant in the coral reefs off the Keys, where it’s usually caught with a spear.



Since this fish is speared by divers the availability of the hogfish varies but is usually on the menu.


Known for it’s scallop like flavor it’s a super light, delicate tasting fish like Grouper but lighter. They prize themselves on their “the one and only world-famous “KILLER” hogfish sandwich. Smothered with swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms all on a fresh cuban bread. It’s pretty killer!!


The fried Hoghfish tacos were also very good with a light crunchy batter and served with rice, black beans, chips, sour cream and salsa.


When we arrived in Key West we kept hearing about Chonch Fritters so we tried them for the first time at Hogfish. The texture was similar to calimari but more chewy. Not our favorite, but served with the most delicious key lime mustard.


Speaking of Chonch I thought this was cute.

Hogfish-breakfastHogfish-Menu1  Hogfish-Menu

Some of the best menus we’ve seen on the road.

Type: Sea Food

Dollar Sign: $$


Address: 6810 Front Street, Stock Island, FL 33040

Phone: (305) 293-4041

Hours: Mon-Sat, 11am-midnight; Sun, 9am-11pm

Alcohol: full bar

Pet Friendly: no

Tip 1: If going late I would call and make sure they are open. We tried to go late one night and they were closed so I’m not sure these hours are correct.

Tip 2: IT is called Hogfish for a reason. If you only have time for one stop, get something with with HOGFISH!

Hogfish Bar & Grill

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Hogfish Bar & Grill 24.566293, -81.733377
Lauren Weliver
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